Litig was formed in 2002 to create a unique platform for members to meet, collaborate, network and discuss ideas in relation to the legal IT market.

Our focus is addressing the technology issues and related market dynamics faced by the legal sector. Setting Litig apart from other organisations is its complete independence from any supplier influences.

Meetings are held in London for a day once a quarter – future meeting dates can be found here.

These meetings help to educate our members on both strategic and current issues as well as helping to then establish practical routes forward through issues they are facing.  There are numerous collaboration opportunities (both formal and informal) and the group works hard to share experiences and thinking and commission projects for the good of the industry – examples can be found here.  The meetings provide a superb opportunity for networking with peers.

When issues of particular importance are raised project teams (comprising members or third party consultants) are often formed to tackle them. These teams present their findings to Litig and often go on to publish standards or guidance papers for the good of the industry.

Litig often tries to understand views in relation to many Legal IT issues by conducting brief online surveys – the ability to issue online surveys to peers is available to all members and often provides valuable insight with the output being available to all participating Litig members.

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