Notes to speakers


We welcome suggestions for speakers, but please note the following...

1) Suppliers do speak to the group but this is normally by request when there is a key market development or if it is a really significant supplier. An example would be that the main legal publishers have been invited in to inform everyone of their overall technology strategy and take questions given the widespread use of their products. General updates from suppliers or requests to engage with the group are seldom what our members want though. There has to be a key reason or market development.

2) Litig delegate meetings are a strictly non sales environment and this needs to be reflected in the way people present.

3) Presentation slides are distributed to our members and are posted to our HighQ site and details of the title/nature of the presentation are published on our website/social media. The content can be used within our member firms.

4) All of our meetings are minuted and the minutes posted on our HighQ site.

5) All meetings are conducted under Chatham House Rules. The content of meetings is not reported in any way unless the Board consent (such consent would be very unusual given the nature of meetings).

6) Our Secretary organises all meeting agendas and pre vets all content prior to presentation to our members.

7) Presentations normally last between 30 and 90 minutes and normally are very high level as our members tend to be very experienced senior people.

8) We regularly poll our members on content, new ideas for content and seek their views and try to act in accordance with these. We try to very much reflect the views of the Group albeit our Company Secretary runs the process.

9) If people do present we ask that they take it seriously and prepare well in that we typically have audiences of approaching 50 senior people. The audience is senior but we do try to keep the meetings informal and as interactive as possible.

10) Many of our presenters use PowerPoint but if you wish to show a live system please let us know in advance.