• Networking: easy access to opinions and information through a collegiate "know who" and "know how" network of 75+ law firms, barristers chambers, ABSs and law firm clients of all sizes;

  • Run quick surveys, ask questions by email;

  • Collaborate on matters common to more than one member;

  • Master classes: be better informed through participation in master class education sessions covering technology, legal issues, industry specific compliance matters, governance and best practice;

  • Standards: make your own life and that of your business easier by helping shape the industry around you, building and promoting standards and ensuring your needs are taken into account;

  • Benchmarking: compare your department and your firm's performance against others using key metrics in Litig's annual benchmarking exercise;

  • Projects: reduce the costs and effort of your department by benefitting from the output of Litig projects that your organisation would normally have to initiate and fund individually

  • Support: benefit from the above as well as being part of a fun, confidential and supportive group, run by its members for the benefit of the group and the industry as a whole.

  • A weekly newsletter for use within your firm which tries to capture the most material market developments.

An agenda is distributed prior to all meetings based on topics and presentations that have been suggested by directors and members and these are regularly sense checked using Sli.do.com (for previous content click here) The hosting member’s firm (normally Hill Dickinson LLP) provide light refreshments and a buffet lunch.

Members are required to cover their own expenses regarding travel and attendance. 

Attendance at meetings and access to the Litig online collaborative site is only available to paid members.