Litig Agenda for 6th December 2018 Delegate Meeting Announced

LITIG’s next delegate meeting has a packed agenda, with interesting talks, interactive sessions and presentations in an array of areas.

The day kicks off with Professor Anu Wadhwa, Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College who will deliver an ear to the ground presentation on innovation and corporate entrepreneurial behaviour. Professor Anu Wadhwa’s work is present in the Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, and the AoM Best Paper Proceedings.

Caroline Hill, Legal Technology Insider will then host an interactive session, presenting on legal innovation and where the legal market may go from the perspective of a reporter and publishers, followed by a round table discussion on the topic (hosted by Caroline).

After lunch Sophie Adams-Bhatti (Director of Legal and Regulatory Policy) and Christina Blacklaws (President of the Law Society of England and Wales) will give an insight into how the Law Society is currently working in relation to innovation and tech in Legal.

Richard Tromans, Founder of Artificial Lawyer and AI expert will then finish off the day with a presentation on recent trends in Legal AI and models adopted by law firms in relation to AI implementation to deliver productivity and financial returns.

Sultan Khan