Litig helps to tackle information overload for its members

As the role of IT Director has changed over the years, the volume of information and the number of subject areas in which our members are now expected to be experts has increased exponentially. The days have gone when all IT directors had to worry about was infrastructure and generic enterprise software. Innovation, digital, client technology, new services and start ups are all areas where our members have to be constantly up to speed but there is simply not time to read everything. 

To help tackle this in partnership with Early Morning Media we launched a weekly digest, delivered first thing Monday morning to our members which tries to make sense of the deluge of information by picking out those news stories that have particular relevance to the membership.

Andy Taylor commented,

“This service is how I start my Mondays and is a key update one that I make sure I do read every week”

The update is available to Litig members for use within their firms. Litig’s members now represent around 200000 users. 

Sultan Khan