Notes to speakers


Guidelines to Presenters

Thank you for considering presenting at a Litig Delegate meeting. This simple guide is intended to ensure you are received well by members and things run smoothly. 

Litig is a not-for-profit organisation. Its members are predominantly IT Directors or Partners in charge of IT and the role of Litig is one of a networking event and a vehicle to help educate members on topics of importance and especially in topics that may not come into focus during day-to-day working but never-the-less remain important. 

In their roles, Litig Members receive a lot of sales calls and sales pitches and so welcome events where there are none! As such all Litig members are strongly against any overt sales pitches from any presenters or any after presentation follow up sales efforts / contact. It is such attempts that do most damage to suppliers that attend and so we have produced this guide to help supplier “steer a positive course” and receive benefit from attending. 

One of Litig’s founding principles is independence and so Litig is careful not to (and not even be at risk of being perceived to) sponsor or be sponsored by any supplier. 

This guide is therefore to advise you how best to approach presenting at Litig meetings so that both parties get the most out of the engagement. 

With the above in mind we kindly ask you to comply with the following guidelines: 

Presenters - Attendee numbers should be kept to a minimum and only people presenting significant content should attend. Attendees in a sales / business development / account management capacity that are not presenting are not permitted as such attendances are not well received by members. 

Day’s Agenda Content –We are not at liberty to share with you the full agenda for the day but the billing of your session will be agreed with you and shared with you. You will be made aware of (but not issued with the content) of any relevant or related sessions that occur during the day so you can put your session in context and the Litig Secretary will work with all parties attending that day to ensure that no content is accidentally repeated. 

Member Privacy - Members wish to keep their details private and so unfortunately we will not be able to issue you with names and details of attendees. If required we will be able to issue you will a list of firms / companies represented so you can gauge the audience for presentation purposes and know if any of your clients are attending but this is all the information you will be provided with. 

Networking - You may be invited to stay for a coffee break or lunch (depending on your time slot) and this is an opportunity for you to network. If asked for your business card by a member it is perfectly acceptable to respond but we would ask you not to embark on a card distribution spree! Your contact details will be issued to all members of Litig (and not just attendees) when meeting minutes and presentation content are issued. You may in any case embed your contact details in your presentation. 

Presentation Content - The content (your PowerPoint deck) you present will be required for issue to all Litig members. In some cases presenters have preferred to amend the presentation to take out certain detail that they are happy to present but not circulate in “hard copy” and this is perfectly acceptable providing the majority of the content remains intact for distribution.

• As per the guidelines above, sales content is not received well in Litig. Members are looking to understand what the product does or what the strategy is or how things are done etc. and overt sales often receive negative feedback after the event in post presentation reviews which does not favour the presenter organisation. 

• Of particular note is when Litig asks a number of suppliers of similar technology to present separately on the same area. This is an excellent way of understanding the views of the main players in the market. However negative remarks against any competition is, again, very much frowned upon by members and it is much preferable to allow your strategy and products “sell themselves” without reference to competition. Named negative references to competitors is not permitted. 

Hand-out Material - Hand-outs and sales pamphlets are not permitted. Demo items (e.g. devices, examples etc.) that support presentation content are permitted. It is expected therefore that these will be taken with you when you leave. 

Payment – As Litig is a not for profit company for the benefit of the industry as a whole we are not able to finance any presentations. Events are usually hosted in our members’ offices to save expense. We rely on the mutual benefit between presenters showing their abilities in a non-sales mode and this being exposed to attendees and all 80+ members in minutes and distribution of slides. We have found this to be received by all presenters to date as more than suitable “compensation” for the effort and travel expense put in. If travel expenses are an issue however Litig is able to consider, on application, the reimbursement of travel expenses at cost by prior agreement. Please contact the Litig Secretary if this is required. 

Layout and Set-Up

Venues are normally provided by larger firm members and we use their boardrooms or large meeting rooms. They are well equipped. 

Attendee numbers are generally 30-45 people seated in a boardroom style table with presenters at one end to encourage involvement by the audience who are generally interactive if the style of presentation permits / encourages. Given the numbers, the only introduction possible is introducing the presenters to the audience. 

Presentations must be issued to the Litig Secretary at least 4 business days before. The Litig secretary will not issue the presentation material to Litig members before the meeting unless you wish to and will check on what presentation content can be issued with the meeting minutes with you before issue. All presentations are issued in PDF format. 

You will be provided with a screen (or screen / projector) and wireless internet. If you need any other equipment such as sound then please ask in advance of the day. As mentioned, our venues are often our members’ offices and change but we may be able to provide: 

- wired internet access for greater speeds 

- a PC to run a presentation 

- conference phone for webex etc. 

Additional notes

We have a microphone at the lectern and also hand held and lapel microphones. 

If bringing your own presentation laptop or device, please confirm the type of connector you wish to use (e.g. VGA, HDMI etc.) 

Please note that one of our members will be busy tapping away taking minutes. Firstly we tell you this so you don’t think someone is being rude “tapping away” and secondly if you don’t want anything minuted then please let the floor know and we will ensure notes are not taken for that part. Notes are only distributed internally to Litig members and nothing will be passed outside. 

We will try where possible to have a break after your session so you are not packing up with people sitting watching! 

If there are any questions – Just ask the Litig Secretary who organises the events.