We hold quarterly delegate meetings in London, typically at Hill Dickinson LLP’s London office,  5 minutes walk from Liverpool Street Station (for location click here). For dates of future meetings please click here.

The following sets out recent content from our meetings:


15th March 2018

Richard Tromans - Founder of Tromans Consulting and Editor of Artificial Lawyer

AI Update - We started off the morning with an "AI Update" from Litig's "Resident AI Advisor" Richard Tromans, who presented on what's new, hot and developing in the AI world at the moment.


 Dorigen Sykes - Director of iTrain

 Why does no one like IT? - Back by request of Litig members, Dorigen Sykes delivered a session on training – “why does no-one like IT?” – to share ways of inspiring staff to embrace technology


Simon Crumplin - Secrutiny

Security improvement Simon reported back on the key elements produced by the Litig security team and hosted a discussion on how to maximise the usage of our resources.



14 December 2017

Rob Shapland - Principal Cyber Security Consultant at First Base Technologies LLP

Ethical Hacking - Presented an insightful view into the world of ethical hacking, both people as well as systems. 


Steven Carver - Project Manager, The shuttle disaster

The shuttle disaster - Back by popular demand, the ever entertaining and thought provoking project management guru presented on lessons we can learn from the shuttle space programme. 


Kalyan Talluri, Professor of Operations Management at Imperial College London

New and Exciting world of Data analytics - Kalyan presented on what is new and exciting about big data analytics. Kalyan covered what organisations need to do to take advantage of these developments and gave a high level overview of data, analytics and service automation and how it is making service firms more responsive and efficient.



28 September 2017

JR Storment, Co-Founder and General Manager Europe of Cloudability

Migrating to the Cloud – Presented on where the cloud market is going, the issues of migrating to the cloud and mistakes companies are making.


Dr Jonathan Pinto, Associate Professor, Imperial College

Influencing the Board – An interactive session, based around feedback collected from a member survey.



22 June 2017

Dr Elena Dalpiaz, Assistant Professor of Strategy at Imperial College

Leadership - Dr. Elena Dalpiaz - presented on leadership and how the culture of a firm and its corporate reputation can impact on leadership effectiveness.


Chris Rowe, Founder of Re:Humanise

Change management in Law firms – Chris Rowe - presented on technology change management.


Richard Tromans, Founder of Tromans Consulting and Editor of Artficial Lawyer

Beginners Guide to Legal AI - presented on AI in legal and then hosted an interactive discussion on the subject.


Tim Hyman of 2twenty4 Consulting

How to manage GDPR with Suppliers - presented on GDPR and service providers. What your firm needs to do, the new obligations service providers face and how to ensure compliance through the supply chain.



16 March 2017

Abby Ewen

Digital Natives or Superficial Surfers?  - presented on the effects of technology on the human being, what it means to us and what the impact is.


Richard Watson, Futurist in Residence at Imperial College

Mini MBA” – ‘What If? Trends in Technology’ - presented and hosted discussion on ‘What If? Trends in Technology’ covering the strategic use of technology by suggesting how technological innovation may influence future business strategy.


Dr Rajiv Mathur (CTO) and Oliver N Oram (CEO of Chainvine Ltd)

Blockchain – From Janet and John Description to Practical Use - explained exactly what Blockchain and bitcoin are so that members can finally (and really) understand it!


Natalie Duncan-Brown (Productivity Solutions Specialist), Andy Taylor (Enterprise Mobility Suite Technical Specialist) and Mickael Gartner (Legal Account Executive) present on O365 in Legal.

The Future of Microsoft Office 365 and Legal - The presentation included Microsoft’s vision of reinventing productivity and the modern workplace including what O365 is now, what is new and what is around the corner.



1 December 2016

Cliff Fluet, MD Eleven Advisory & Partner at Lewis Silkin and Oliver N Oram, CEO of Chainvine Ltd

Blockchain – Just what is it really and how is it going to affect us? - explained about this decentralised technology, removed the myths and talked about the impact it could have on our firms.


Andy Lake, Editor of Flexibility.co.uk and advisor to the Cabinet Office on Smart Working

Smart working – current and future work environments - presented on the trends in our working environments and the future of smart and flexible working.


Simon Crumplin, CEO Sectrutiny

Cyber Crime and Continuous Breach Detection Project - Following the success of the presentation by Simon Crumplin, CEO Secrutiny, on this topic back in June, the Litig Board appointed Secrutiny to produce some tangible guides for Litig members on what can be done in this area.


Tim Hyman of 2Twenty4 Consulting

GDPR – 18 months to go. Are you ready?  - presented on the practical implications of the General Data Protection Regulation and how it will impact systems and processes in your firm.



8 September 2016

Jacqui de Gernier, Regional VP, DocuSign

Digital Signatures – The law and the Tech - presented on electronic signatures for which there has been huge demand in corp and commercial markets over the last year.


Sam Steer, Director of Strategy for Large Law Firms and Patrick Hurley, VP and Customer Advocacy, Thomson Reuters

Innovation in Legal – Thomson Reuters’ View - LN are seeing client dynamism driving market transformation in particular in house teams are dealing with more of the work that traditionally a law firm would do on an hourly rate and of the work that the in house team don’t value especially highly is going out to transactional firms for a fixed fee.



30 June 2016

Joanne Humber of Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition

LTC4 - Reducing risk and increasing productivity with tech savvy lawyers - presented and discussed how LTC4 can help your firm increase user efficiency, address security risks and gain competitive advantage and discussed the momentum this initiative has and the impact it may have on the members’ firms.


John Brunning, Field Fisher

Legal Masterclass on Cloud Services - presented on the contractual and legal elements of using cloud services. John has worked in house for a cloud supplier before working for FF as a technology lawyer.


Simon Crumplin, CEO Sectrutiny

Cyber Attack – Protect and Control or Find and Respond - Simon claimed the traditional (and current) approach doesn’t work.



18 February 2016

Alan McMillen, CEO and Sheila Gormley, Exec Director of Repstor

Cloud DMS - Speed Date Number 1 - Repstor Affinity - Look at who has been making investments – in the main it is Microsoft.


Mike Sanders, Senior Solutions Expert

Cloud DMS - Speed Date Number 2 - NetDocuments - On premise is dying and more companies are moving to the cloud. Cloud is more accepted now and is viewed as innovative.


Daniel Dickinson, Head of Business Productivity, ClearPeople

Cloud DMS - Speed Date Number 3 – Microsoft Matter Center - The system could not be demonstrated due to late arrival and technical difficulty.


Geoff Hornsby, General Manager EMEA for iManage, Neil Araujo, Frank White, Paul Walker

Cloud DMS - Speed Date Number 4 – iManage - This latest version is not a reinvention of iManage, but claimed to be a real deep understanding of how lawyers work.


Table Discussion (all vendor presentations and pre-meeting vendor information will be posted on the HighQ site)

It was agreed that there had been a very different approach from each vendor. Every firm has its own virtual instance. What is really a cloud solution? Is it really a cloud solution where software companies have migrated traditional software into a hosted environment? If they then sell the software on a licensed consumption model, does it really matter?



3 December 2015

Adam Shutkever, CEO, Riverview Law

The "nons" strike back! – hosted an interactive session that presented a view and approach to the future of the legal market and how the "nons" play an essential part (non-lawyers, non-partners, non-fee earners).


James McCullagh, BA Insight

Developments in the Enterprise Search Space - Perspective 1 – presented on BA Insight's view of the enterprise search market space and related technologies.


Simon Price, MD of Recommind

Developments in the Enterprise Search Space - Perspective 2 – presented a discussion and debate on the evolution of enterprise search and the innovation of search based applications.


Peter Wallqvist, MD of RAVN Systems

Developments in the Enterprise Search Space - Perspective 3 – presented RAVN's view of the current state of enterprise search within the legal space.



2 July 2015

Matt and Paul from Xenubis

The Dark Web – presented a slightly terrifying presentation on the Dark Web (or dark net) and intelligence operations.  Xenubis are ex MI6, MI5, GCHQ special services type people.



7 May 2015

Tony Williams, Jomati

Civilisation 2030 – presented on a report published in the last year on the three trends that will affect law firms over the next 15 years.


Ollie Whitehouse and James Pierce, NCC Group

NCC Group's view on cyber resilience and response in the legal industry


George Quigley, KPMG

 KPMG's view on cyber-crime and why law firms should worry - Start thinking about what I can actually do about this stuff rather than worrying about what we can't do.



5 February 2015

Dr Monica Seeley of Mesmo Consultancy

Email Efficiency – presented on both personal and corporate email efficiency.


Mike Fieldhouse, Managing Director, Realityhouse

Social Media in Law Firms – A Marketing Professional's View – presented his views on social media.