Litig reserves the right to decline membership. Once accepted by Litig, the membership fee is not refundable but, subject to approval by Litig, the membership may be transferred once (in any one year) to another named individual within the same firm/organisation- this does not apply for Alumni members.

The name of the firm/organisation will be automatically included on the internal list of current members and be published on the Litig website, if you do not wish your firm/organisation’s name to be published as a member on the Litig web site, please state this on your application.

The use of Litig funds is controlled and audited, on behalf of the members, by the group’s Treasurer and Secretary and reported in detail regularly to the members. It is also externally audited by an independent party.

Non solicitation and confidentiality: By applying for membership you agree that you and your organisation will not use your membership to sell or attempt to sell any goods or services to members or to use information gained from being a member to sell or attempt to sell any goods or services to members. You also agree to comply with modified Chatham House Rules.

Membership of Litig is subject to the terms of the Litig member’s handbook (as amended from time to time) which all members have to comply with. A copy is available on request to members or potential members.

When applying there is no electronic payment option – if your application is successful we will invoice you separately