Litig Rebrands and Launches New Website

Litig has rebranded with the launch of a new logo and website  Litig was formed 15 years ago and its purpose is the driving of innovation, knowledge sharing and collaboration for the good of our member organisations and the legal industry as a whole. It is a non-profit organisation specifically designed to support senior professionals involved directly in all aspects of the implementation, use and support of Legal IT systems in the UK. It is a very active group with around 75 members with a huge emphasis on collaboration, independence, high quality content and networking. For details of our next meetings please click here

The Chairman Derek Southall said: "Litig has been a real success story and we often hear feedback from our members that our events are the best thing they attend. Our old branding has served us well but we need to recognise that things need to move on. Our market is much less about the nuts and bolts of infrastructure but more about how we tackle new business models, disruptive technologies (like AI and Blockchain), productivity, efficiency and start ups. Our branding has been revised to reflect this with a much more futuristic and modern style

The new website was delivered by Designstaq based in San Francisco. Co-Founder Kathleen Barretto said "It was a real pleasure to work with such a vibrant organisation as Litig on this project. We were amazed when we learnt about the quality of work Litig was delivering and so it was great to reflect this in its new website."  

If you want to learn more about the benefits of joining litig please click here.

Kathleen Barretto