The Litig Board Meets ILTA CEO - Insight 2017

At ILTA Insight 2017 on 16th November 2017 the Litig Board will be hosting a session with ILTA’s recently appointed CEO, Dan Liutikas. The intention is to have a constructive session focussed on what needs to change in legal IT for it to succeed in changing times. 

We are all witnessing material market shifts. The legal IT world is seeing waves of change with start ups, AI, Blockchain and predictive analytics all in the mix. Cost bases are being transformed with new services and cloud based infrastructure. Many are feeling they are struggling even keeping up with the developments without even getting to the decision stage. The skills needed within law firms and from suppliers are changing.

We are aiming for this to be a thought provoking and controversial session with strong representation from both sides of the Atlantic and the leadership team of both Litig and ILTA.

The session will be chaired by Derek Southall, chair of Litig with support from Peter Owen, secretary of Litig, and Andy Taylor, Stuart Whittle and David Wood from the Litig Board.

Kathleen Barretto